Our Approach

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide the highest degree of service, integrity and confidentiality to all our clients. To provide the highest quality professional investment advice consistent with our clients long term risk and reward goals. Utilize academic principles of investing to achieve and preserve the long term purchasing power for our clients.
Reasons to seek Professional Investment advice:
Investment Climate
  • Uncertainties abound
  • Multiplicity of choices
  • Complexities of choices
  • Integrity and credibility concerns
  • Market Volatility            
Personal Climate
  • Lack of time due to today’s life style
  • Lack of long term orientation
  • Lack of Investment knowledge
  • Increased importance of making the right decision at this stage of life
  • Importance of personal freedom and limited investment responsibility

 Advisors at Integrated Investment Strategies are professional advisors with only you in mind. Our client-focused approach means clients frequently visit our offices for private conferences. Each client receives the personal attention of an experienced Investment Advisor Representative.

Four ways you can benefit from consulting with the professionals at Integrated Investment Strategies:
1.      Receive assistance completing a financial statement and analyzing your current and future financial picture.
A current financial statement shows where you are and is the tool commonly used to pinpoint areas that might prevent you from meeting your objectives. A copy of the personal financial data form is available in our education center navigation tab.
2.      Recognize possible areas of concern and identify potential improvements.
Integrated Investment Strategies can design a program that will address any areas of concern in your current portfolio and make general or specific recommendations designed to assist you in achieving your financial objectives.

3.      Implement your financial goals.
A financial goal, no matter how through or well designed, has little value unless it is put into action. Advisors with Integrated Investment Strategies can help ensure that the elements of your goals are implemented and can coordinate the work of specialists, such as your attorney and accountant.

4.      Receive periodic updates.
We’ll help you monitor your progress by reviewing your financial goals on a regular basis. The review will consider your financial situation in the context of economic trends and tax law changes. Periodic reviews also can help ensure that your risk management needs are addressed and your investments are properly positioned. Reviews should help your goals from becoming obsolete